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Partnerships and Joint Ventures

Partnership and/or joint ventures need professional legal advice.

If two or more parties wish to come together for a common business venture, they are usually faced with a choice between various legal entities – corporation, limited partnership, partnership, unit trust or joint venture. If the participants’ expectations are unclear, inconsistent or inappropriate then substantial difficulties may arise.

A number of factors will determine which entity is most appropriate for any given situation. For example, those who are only interested in a relationship for the duration of a specific project, a joint venture arrangement is often chosen. A joint venture agreement looks quite different from that made for a partnership, and each has it’s own tax and legal implications.

If you are thinking about embarking on a partnership or joint venture, get in touch with Harry Szmerling & Co. We often recommend that parties to an agreement should discuss amongst themselves what they consider to be the main aspects of the arrangements, as well as any potential problems and preferred solutions. This can help to focus minds, and streamline the process once you meet up with us.

Legal partnership & joint venture issues we can help you with:-

  • Incorporated and unincorporated joint ventures.
  • Managing joint ventures.
  • Transferring interests in a joint venture.
  • Joint venture agreements.
  • Disputes.
  • The life of the partnership.
  • Agreements.

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