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Professional Melbourne Probate Lawyers

Harry Szmerling & Co have years of experience with legal processes that are in place for when a person passes on. This ensures that his or her estate can be distributed and administered in accordance with the deceased person’s wishes and the law. If you are an executor or potential beneficiary of the estate, it is vitally important that you obtain the services of an experienced Probate Lawyer like Harry Szmerling to assist you with these processes.

As an executor or trustee of a deceased person’s estate, you have legal obligations that apply to the way you perform this important role. You must ensure that the beneficiaries of the estate receive distributions and benefits of the estate in a lawful and transparent manner. Harry Szmerling & Co have decades of experience and can give you sound advice on managing this process and obtaining a grant of probate in a timely and efficient way.

If a person has a valid Legal will when they die, the Supreme Court of Victoria will generally grant Probate to the person’s executor to manage his or her estate.

Harry Szmerling & Co can assist with the various steps that are usually sought by relatives and those close to the deceased person. These include:

  • Preparing the background information and original documents required for an application to the Court
  • Gaining access to bank accounts and superannuation funds
  • Transferring real estate and other assets
  • Pursuing claims and receiving compensation on behalf of the deceased person.
  • All probate related matters

When the Supreme Court issues a grant of probate the executor then has the legal authority showing that the will is valid and he or she may administer the estate according to probate law and distribute assets to the beneficiaries named in the will.

Harry Szmerling understands that, unfortunately, sometimes family members will not agree on what is in the best interests of their loved one and will find themselves in conflict.

Families may also find themselves in conflict after the death of a loved one leading to will disputes. Conflict may arise where your loved one has not made a will or where a family member decides to challenge a will because they have been excluded.

Harry Szmerling & Co are Melbourne lawyers based in Ivanhoe. Our professional law firm is client focused and we will take the time to fully understand your situation and concerns.
We recognise that being a lawyer means much more than just giving legal advice. We have experience in a broad range of areas including commercial matters, property transactions, conveyancing, commercial leasing, purchase and sale of businesses, family law, criminal law, litigation, probate, wills, trusts, traffic and other legal matters. For all legal matters, contact Harry Szmerling & Co today.

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