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Harry Szmerling & Co is experienced in trust law.

Trusts are set up by people for a number of reasons, succession planning, asset protection and tax maximization just to name a few. Sometimes trusts are set up unintentionally due to the operation of the law. Legal advice regarding trusts is essential.

The basic elements of a trust are:

  • trustee
  • trust property or asset
  • beneficiary or object

Resulting or implied trusts arise when the trustee fails to distribute the whole of the trust interest or there is a surplus after the original purpose of the trust has been satisfied. Such situations also arise when a person buys a property in somebody else’s name.

Constructive trusts arise upon an order of the Court, as a remedial device, where the Court would declare a trust relationship to correct a wrongful act.

Clients may need to have specific trusts created for them to serve a particular purpose. These are categorized as follows:

  • Discretionary trust
  • Family trust
  • Unit trust
  • Trading trust
  • Superannuation trust
  • Hybrid trust

Other forms of trusts include:

  • Testamentary trust
  • Protective trust

Whilst most people would create one or the other of the above trusts for personal reasons, some wish to create a trust for benevolent purposes which is called “charitable trust” – a trust set up for strictly “charitable” at law, that is, for the benefit of the public at large can include purposes such as:

  • relief of poverty
  • advancement of education
  • advancement of religion

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